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Getting DMR SMS Up and Running on the TYT MD-380 over the Brandmeister network.

Configuring your MD-380, or other radio for use with the Brandmeister network's SMS feature may seem oddly complicated at first, but it's not too bad once you know the tricks.

Lets start with the codeplug. On your Brandmeister Talkgroups use Private Call Confirmed as ON, and Data Call Confirmed as OFF, these are the only settings that seem to make a difference. I've experimented with the Compressed UDP Data Headers and found it works both on and off, and typically leave mine on, despite what the screenshot shows.

Now you may think, alright, sign me up for messaging, lets send some messages to our fellow hams! But not so fast, you may be ready for Brandmeister, but is Brandmeister ready for you? Go ahead over to there website https://brandmeister.network/ and login/sign up for an account. If you do have an account, you just need to login, but if your setting up a new account, you will have to get verified by a human. It's typically very quick, and gives you access to some handy features.

Moving on to the network selfcare page is the next step. It's available to you once your signed in, and located under services on the left side of the screen.

Give that a quick little click and we're almost ready to tell them what type of radio your using, so they can send the messages to you in something your radio will understand!

Just select your radio type from the drop down, (I have the TYT MD-380, so I selected Motorola or Chinese Radio) and hit Save. You should be good to go from there. Remember your radio must be on, and on frequency to receive a message and at least from my experience with the md380tools 2.0 modified firmware, you may need to transmit some audio before you can send a message out. So announcing yourself on frequency may not be a bad idea.

Tada, you too can have a bunch of text messages on your radio!

Thanks to KC8TSZ (Chris) for figuring most of it out, and N3WJF (Dave) for testing it out!

73 de KE8GRY

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